Terms and Conditions

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These terms have been updated on April 24th, 2020.

This portal, which is hosted in the United States, is a tool provided by Westland Technologies for the transmission and receipt of proprietary or sensitive information for authorized users. This application may not be used to transmit classified information and any sensitive intellectual property should be encrypted before transmission.

By using this portal, you understand and consent to the following: (i) Communications and data transmitted or stored on this application are monitored and may be intercepted or searched at any time and for any lawful purpose by Westland Technologies or a third party, (ii) You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any information passing through or stored on the application, and (iii) Communications and data that pass through or are stored on this application may be disclosed or used for any lawful purpose.

In addition, any export-controlled information to be exported to a foreign person using this system must first be approved via a Data and Services Export Authorization BEFORE it is uploaded. For additional guidance on export-controlled information or determining whether your information falls under export control regulations, contact your Export Management Office.